The MegaTrack In Printer Agent (MIPA) lets you record and monitor HP LaserJet printer and MFP activity directly at the device, enhancing accountability and giving you the ability to assign costs, forecast expenses and target waste and abuse. By collecting data directly inside the printer or MFP, MIPA gives you a precise accounting of printing functions. Because this “in printer” solution is not reliant on SNMP traps or MIB polling, MIPA offers improved accuracy and reliability over other tracking and data collection systems. Each time the printer or MFP finishes printing a document, MIPA collects important data about the job and records it to either the printer’s hard disk or to a small amount of compact flash memory. The data can then be accessed and uploaded by the Capella Technologies Reporting Module (CTRM), providing meaningful analysis of printer and MFP activity. Paired with HP DSS or Capella Technologies MIPA MFP or VeriUser authentication solutions, MIPA can also record scan, copy, fax and other digital sending activities..
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