MIPA MFP tracks printer and mfp usage directly inside the device, offering improved accuracy and reliability over SNMP traps and MIB polling methods. Each time the printer or mfp is used, MIPA MFP collects important data about the job and records this data to either the printer's hard disk or to a small amount of compact flash memory. This data can then be accessed and uploaded using the Capella Technologies Reporting Module (CTRM), providing an easy way to track printer and mfp usage by user, department, project or cost center. Additionally, administrators can track consumption of paper and toner, color vs. black and white print use and more, helping to better forecast future printer and consumable requirements.

In addition to tracking printer and mfp activity, the MIPA MFP solution also offers the ability to restrict and monitor access to mfp functions. Before utilizing copy, color copy, FAX or scan-to-email functions of the mfp, users must enter an authorized alpha-numeric PIN code into the keypad on the mfp device. Not only does this approach restrict unauthorized users from accessing select functions, but it also allows administrators to track copying and digital sending functions by employee, discouraging personal and frivolous use and reducing consumption of paper and toner. MIPA MFP also creates an electronic “paper trail” should an mfp’s fax or scan-to-email capabilities be used to leak proprietary or confidential information.

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