Pharos Systems
Control the cost of print in your enterprise with a solution designed speciically to help address and lower the expense of office printing. The innovative Pharos Systems Blueprint software, the Pharos Blueprint Enterprise Printing Security and Job Accounting Solution offers a rapid return on Investment (ROI) and requires no staff training or investments of time. You can stop wasting resources and instead create an optimzed and well-managed printing and Imaging enviroment.

Solution features
Print/copy accounting - Track what individuals are printing and to which devices, and determine how much it all costs
Asset consolidation - Steamline and fine tune your printing environment. Asset Consolidation enables your employee's printing needs and then putting the right devices in the right locations.
    Printing policies - Assign, communicate and enforce policies for cutting printing costs and waste.    
Pull Printing - Send a print job to your print devices, no matter where it's located. Users authenticate at the device to print the job. This reduces waste and helps prevent confidential documents from getting into the wrong hands.
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