Protect your sensitive personnel, marketing and financial print jobs from misdirection, unauthorized viewing or alteration with the Capella Technologies SecureDIMM/CF solution. The SecureDIMM/CF solution uses advanced encryption technology to protect print stream data during network transit. A port monitor (Microsoft Windows environments) or encryption filter (non-Windows environments) encrypts the data at the client PC. Even during the spooling process, when most print jobs can be hacked with tools as unsophisticated as Microsoft Notepad, your data is secure. The data remains encrypted until it reaches the authorized network printer, where a pre-installed SecureDIMM/CF module decrypts the data as it is being printed (to maximize your hardware investment, un-encrypted print jobs are processed normally). Encryption also protects the print job from being unintentionally or intentionally directed to the wrong printer; without the appropriate SecureDIMM/CF hardware module, the document will be unprintable.