SecureJet is designed to provide secure access to imaging and printing devices, documents, and information; helping mitigate compliance and security risks and facilites usage tracking, monitoring and management documents. SecureJet assists companies with scalability, reducing costs, improving productivity, and enhancing security.

Printers, MFPs, and Digital Senders are become standard pieces of the IT infrastructure to send and recieve information. As such, these devices must be as secure as other IT devices (such as PCs) to ensure that they do not compromise company security and cmply with regulations suck as HIPAA, Sanrbanes Oxley, or MIFID.

SecurJet includes Authentication, Printing, and Tracking & Reporting Modules for printing devices.

Authentication Module
User validate his/her identitiy by proximity badges, swipe cards, pin code or smart cards before accessing the specific device functions such as email, fax, copy, scan or secure mobile printing. >>> More

Print Module
Secure documents delivery, increase productivity and ease users life with printing and documents output and sharing. >>>More

Tracking & Reporting Module
Tracking module lets your record and monitor the output device activity directly at the device, enhancing accountability and able to assign costs, forecast expenses and target waste and abuse. >>>More