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About us

At SSC International, we don’t just navigate the digital landscape, we engineer its contours.  Our journey began in 2003 amidst one of the worst recession of Hong Kong, our company is a trusted partner for enterprises seeking efficient manageable workflow solutions.  Our core values include affordable, reliable solution that seamless integrate  with client’s existing workflow.

Our core values attract and unite different product providers focused on building a stable, desirable work environment and providing  exceptional solutions for our clients.

Our Business

We believe that every idea deserves to be printed, every design should be brought to life.  SSC International Ltd. can provide hardware or software solution for finished products to empower you to turn your imagination into reality, or software integrating your workflow into seamless efficiency.

Tailored Consultations

Benefit from personalized consultations that address your unique requirements, providing strategic insights and solutions.

Customer Support

Enjoy peace of mind with our round-the-clock customer support, ensuring assistance whenever you need it, day or night.

Efficient Project Management

Experience streamlined project execution with our expert project management services, ensuring timelines are met with precision and quality.


We are constantly searching for the best tools and services on the market.  We partner with these solution providers to apply the best service and value for our clients.

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Ready to take the next step? Let’s bring your vision to life! Explore our services and get in touch today for a consultation. Together, we’ll make it happen.

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