Enterprise Solution

Barcode Printing

Barcode printer solution for barcode printing using existing laser and multi-function (MFP) printers.

Fully intelligent professional barcode printing of one and two dimensional barcodes. Host OS independent. Wide array of industry barcodes. Fast and easy set-up. Complete barcode printer solution for barcode printing from SAP, other commercial ERP systems and in-house applications.

The BarCode printing solution is an internal/external device that converts an existing Ethernet-attached laser or multi-function printer into a barcode printer.

Converting an existing laser printer into a barcode printer has never been easier. The BarCode printing solution automatically configures to the IP address of the printer — no configuration is necessary on the server and no middleware is required.

To view a list of our devices and their corresponding barcodes, you can feel free to contact us if you have further questions.

Asian Fonts Printing

Globalization creates an increasing multi-language demand upon corporate information systems. While Microsoft Windows systems typically provide the multi-language support as part of the operating system, non-Windows environments have traditionally relied upon the printing device to provide these capabilities.

SSC International Ltd offers an effective solution for you to enhance the capability of your HP LaserJets to print Asianfonts- without the need for noisy, outdated dot-matrix printers. The AsianFonts printing solution enables 2-byte printing path on non-Windows environments, improving your printing performance and minimising network traffic since less data is downloaded to the printer. It can be installed via printer model, compact flash card or USB based on the card. The solution consists of 2-byte language (Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai). Install the 2-byte language card (Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai)in the slot of the HP LaserJet. 2-byte printing is supported with the printer resident fonts in the respective card you have inserted in your printer.


Flexible Printing IBM Data Streams on Office Printers

LinkCom 5 offers easy and smooth printing and print administration in mixed environments where users print both host data and office application output. LinkCom 5 solves the challenge of finding a printing solution that accommodates and combines both print streams in a user-friendly way.

Print IPDS, SCS, and DCA to laser and matrix printers

LinkCom 5 converts all output in real-time and the users need not worry about input sources or formats. They simply send all output to their preferred printer. The LinkCom print server takes care of the rest.

LinkCom 5 is a versatile multifunction protocol converter that simultaneously supports IBM host printing and PC/LAN printing on laser printers and MFPs.

The printer is connected to the LAN through the LinkCom 5 and can easily be configured to make full use of all features on any B/W or color printer, including finishing options for all print jobs.